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Self-publishing doesn’t mean having to do it all by yourself.

Melinda Martin brings passion, transparency, and experience to the self-publishing community. Her sessions are for authors who understand that completing the manuscript is only one step in the journey of having a professional end-product.


Win-Win-Win: Working with Your Cover Designer to Achieve All-Around Success

Communication is key, but where do you start and when do you let go? Learn how to work with your cover designer to land on a cover that connects with your audience, belongs in your cover designer’s portfolio, and gives you the warm and fuzzies.

Your Interior Designer and You: It’s a Symbiotic Relationship

Without a vision, the project perishes. Learn how to convey your vision, speak the lingo, and stay on speaking terms with your interior designer.

Book Design Matters: What You Need to Know about Book Design

Cover designers and interior designers are usually two different team members, but Melinda is blessed to excel at both. Explore the many facets of delivering a cohesive, relevant, and professional design from cover to cover.

Preparing to Succeed: How to Correctly Set Up Your Word Document

Melinda’s experience as a Microsoft Office instructor made one thing perfectly clear—hardly anyone knows how to properly use Microsoft Word. Let the forehead-smacking commence!

The Business End: Best Practices for Professional Self-Publishers

The devil is in the details, and there are several details that separate the professionals from the amateurs. We will cover Bowker, imprints, ISBNs, barcodes, printing and distribution options, and publisher logos.

About Melinda


Melinda Martin owns Martin Publishing Services and specializes in cover design, interior formatting, and consulting for the self-publishing community. She has worked alongside over 300 authors and indie publishing companies to help them publish with pride. A native Texan, she believes in creating a friendly atmosphere for learning and networking. The very active Self-Publishing Support Group on Facebook provides a rich community for over 2,000 authors, designers, editors, publishers, and marketers.