A Before-and-After Brochure Design

This brochure is Martin Publishing Services in a nutshell. It’s always hard to decide what gets real estate, but this is what I’ve narrowed it down to. I had to follow my own advice and not try to cram everything in. (That is often a problem with clients and ads/book covers.) It took several hours of choosing what is important, paring it down, adding design, revising, and paring it down some more until I had something I was happy with. [Read more…]

Mistakes Authors Make: Not Obtaining the Correct Files for Building Their Own Marketing Materials

This is a detailed account of the domino effect of what happens when you don’t have your original design files but you need to have marketing materials created.

Not having access to your original design files can effect you in a variety of ways. In this particular instance, this author needed one of those 70″ tall x 30″ wide vertical banners made. [Read more…]

Cover Design Basics: Emotional Attachment

Because I often work with authors who are sharing very personal, non-fiction writings, photos that have an emotional attachment are submitted by the author for cover concepts. Unfortunately, this can lead to the author choosing an image with no consideration given to the reader or the market. However, that is not to say that all emotional attachment images are unusable as a cover design. [Read more…]

Print Layout Vs Kindle Format

Setting clear expectations with new clients (regardless of if you’re a shoe shiner or a book designer) is one of the most important things you can do as a service provider. Since my business is book designing and not shoe shining, one of my key areas is showing my clients a comparison of print book vs kindle format. [Read more…]

Author Press Kit

An author press kit can be a single sheet that covers the basics about you as an author or highlights one specific book. You may also hear them referred to as media kits. The main purpose of a media kit is to present yourself and your book as concisely and as professionally as possible, complete with “how to order” information, which bookstores and libraries will consider must-have information. [Read more…]

Book Royalties and Trim Options when using IngramSpark to Distribute to Bookstores

Every author has a different figure in mind for what she considers an ideal profit per book.  Many factors determine this. [Read more…]

Proper Document Preparation for Working with a Book Designer

If you are working with a professional book designer (or typesetter), there is no need for you to do tons of legwork. If you do happen to go crazy with formatting and styling on your own, then my question is why hire a designer at all? Part of the fee that you are paying your designer is for her creativity, market research, and intuition. (Need help determining if your designer is a professional?) [Read more…]

Interview Questions to Ask a Book Designer

All graphic design is not created equal. The level of skill is a story often told through the processes that the designer uses, not just the end result. But here’s the deal–it’s hard for you, the author, to know if the designer is doing the job correctly because design software is not your forte, nor should it be. [Read more…]

Additional Self Publishing Resources

I have compiled what I have found to be the best written and most helpful articles from other authorities in the self-publishing niche. These are resources that I have bookmarked and refer to often and refer clients to often, so I decided it was time to put them in a central location. [Read more…]

Trust the Professional: Working With A Graphic Designer

“Trust the professional” is not only something I say, it’s also something that I do when it’s my turn to hire out work. I’m not a professional photographer, editor, marketer, etc. I need to hire others to do that for me. The older I get, the wiser I get, and trusting the professional that I hire is an area that I am so glad to have grown in. [Read more…]