Learn to Format Your Own eBooks in Word

I know we have some die-hard DIY self-pubbers out there that really enjoy learning to do the work themselves. But I can guarantee you that most of them end up frustrated and surprised at just how much work is involved to get a good-looking ebook. I know because that is MY story, too.

From Self-Publisher to Book Deal

Many authors ponder the realities of self-publishing versus the hazy dream of traditional publishing. Some choose to self-publish with the intent of presenting a polished book to an agent (which several agents prefer). Even if the design gets changed or another round of edits ensues, showcasing a professionally edited and designed book lets the agent know that you are serious about your project and don’t expect her to work with unvetted and unloved material.

How to Set Up Your Self-Publishing Company on Bowker

When you self-publish, you become the publisher. Congratulations! Now you get to make some executive decisions concerning your new publishing company, but before you do that, read through this Cliff’s notes version of what is Bowker and who needs it, setting up your Bowker account, choosing a name for your publishing company, creating imprints, purchasing ISBNs, what to do about barcodes, and choosing a logo for your new publishing company.

Reflections on Being a Small Business Owner

As I reflect on being a successful small business owner, I can pinpoint one important thing that sets me apart from others: my personal definition of success. I have never been motivated by money. I never set out to “get rich”. I simply wanted to help. As my value and skill level increased, I adjusted […]

Kindle Upload Options Explained

While uploading your kindle file is not difficult, understanding the options can be. Most of the time, authors aren’t even aware of these options until they go to upload their file. Then the panic sets in. KDP Select, Royalty options, Matchbook, Book Lending, DRM Protection: what does it all mean? DRM (Digital Restriction Management) In […]

A Before-and-After Brochure Design

This brochure is Martin Publishing Services in a nutshell. It’s always hard to decide what gets real estate, but this is what I’ve narrowed it down to. I had to follow my own advice and not try to cram everything in. (That is often a problem with clients and ads/book covers.) It took several hours […]

Mistakes Authors Make: Not Obtaining the Correct Files for Building Their Own Marketing Materials

This is a detailed account of the domino effect of what happens when you don’t have your original design files but you need to have marketing materials created. Not having access to your original design files can effect you in a variety of ways. In this particular instance, this author needed one of those 70″ tall […]

Cover Design Basics: Emotional Attachment

Because I often work with authors who are sharing very personal, non-fiction writings, photos that have an emotional attachment are submitted by the author for cover concepts. Unfortunately, this can lead to the author choosing an image with no consideration given to the reader or the market. However, that is not to say that all […]

Print Layout Vs Kindle Format

Setting clear expectations with new clients (regardless of if you’re a shoe shiner or a book designer) is one of the most important things you can do as a service provider. Since my business is book designing and not shoe shining, one of my key areas is showing my clients a comparison of print book […]

Author Press Kit

An author press kit can be a single sheet that covers the basics about you as an author or highlights one specific book. You may also hear them referred to as media kits. The main purpose of a media kit is to present yourself and your book as concisely and as professionally as possible, complete […]