Book Royalties and Trim Options when using IngramSpark to Distribute to Bookstores

Every author has a different figure in mind for what she considers an ideal profit per book.  Many factors determine this.

Proper Document Preparation for Working with a Book Designer

If you are working with a professional book designer (or typesetter), there is no need for you to do tons of legwork. If you do happen to go crazy with formatting and styling on your own, then my question is why hire a designer at all? Part of the fee that you are paying your […]

Interview Questions to Ask a Book Designer

All graphic design is not created equal. The level of skill is a story often told through the processes that the designer uses, not just the end result. But here’s the deal–it’s hard for you, the author, to know if the designer is doing the job correctly because design software is not your forte, nor should it […]

Additional Self Publishing Resources

I have compiled what I have found to be the best written and most helpful articles from other authorities in the self-publishing niche. These are resources that I have bookmarked and refer to often and refer clients to often, so I decided it was time to put them in a central location.

Trust the Professional: Working With A Graphic Designer

“Trust the professional” is not only something I say, it’s also something that I do when it’s my turn to hire out work. I’m not a professional photographer, editor, marketer, etc. I need to hire others to do that for me. The older I get, the wiser I get, and trusting the professional that I […]

Print Costs and Royalty Structures for CreateSpace, IngramSpark, and Nook Press

This is not an exhaustive list of print cost calculators and royalty structures for print-on-demand services by any means, but it does focus on the top three: CreateSpace, IngramSpark, NookPress.  Each of these services allows you to order 1-up-to-mass-quantity of your books, shipped directly to you for your own marketing strategy, or you can use these […]

Book Trim Sizes in Inches for KDP and IngramSpark

I have assembled a handy single-sheet reference to help you choose the right trim size for your book.  This is doubly helpful if you want to use the same file for KDP and IngramSpark.

Elements of Interior Design and Layout Infographic

This is an infographic that details the elements of interior design and layout.

CreateSpace 6×9 Cover Overlays with Bleed and ISBN

Here is a template that will help you perfect your CreateSpace 6×9 cover design.  This is a 2-part overlay: front and back with bleeds and margins, including spine margin and the default CreateSpace barcode size and placement.

CreateSpace Full Cover Design Dimensions Calculator

 This online calculator tool will help you arrive at the dimensions your full cover needs to be for CreateSpace or you can just use it to figure your spine width.