What do I do exactly, you ask?

Publishing Services: I take your raw data and turn it to into a print-ready book, a pdf for download version, and a digital reader version (epub/kindle).  All files will be available to be uploaded to Amazon, CreateSpace, and IngramSpark (important for distribution to bookstores and libraries).

Cover Design: If you choose a print version of your book, then you will need both a front and back cover custom-designed for your book size and length.  I am happy to work with your existing designer or you can hire me to design your cover.  If you are not going to print, then you will just need a front cover.

Marketing Materials: I can create banners, author media kits, and brochures to help you put your best publishing foot forward.

How much do you need to do to your file before you send it to me?

As little as possible.  If you can just get your text in there, hyperlink what you want hyperlinked, bold and italicize what all you want, I will do the rest.  I will assign heading styles, drop caps, proper spacing, page numbers, headers, footers, a copyright page (if you don’t have one), the title pages, and all that stuff.  I just need your final text in plain fashion.

I prepared a sample 3-page document that also addresses a few other FAQs about handling your content. Download the submission guidelines sample file here. It was constructed in Microsoft Word in order to keep it real. 🙂

How much help will I give you?

I remember what it was like learning how to do all of this on my own for the first time.  It can be scary.  I try to be as helpful as I can, which is usually extremely helpful. I will answer questions and do it in a way that helps you learn. There are no stupid questions.

What file types do I accept?

You can send me files in a variety of formats: Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs, or your existing PDF if you don’t have access to your original document.  If you are a go-getter and have started your own file in InDesign, then you can send that to me, too.  (No Microsoft Publisher files accepted at this time.)  Please note that not having access to your original document can mean extra TLC on my part to properly extract the text.  Not always, but often.

What is the best way to send me files?

I love dropbox, and it is my preferred method of file exchange.  But a girl’s got to be versatile, so if you got a thing for Google Drive or want to go old-school with just some regular emailing of files, we can do that, too.

What programs do I work in?

I subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and have access to all of their awesome, professional software.  I use a combination of Photoshop (photo editing), Illustrator (vector creation and editing), and InDesign (interior design and run of the mill publishing tasks) to deliver you the best results for the scope of the project.

What do you do if your book will have images inside it?

Images are required to be 300 dpi for best quality.  If you are unsure of your image quality, I will let you know if they are not up to par.  Best practice is for you to send me the properly labeled image files separate from the text document.  I will place the images where you put “place image 1 here”.

Do I have a team?

Nope.  It’s just me.

How do I handle billing?

All billing is done via Paypal.  A deposit of half is required to hold your place on my calendar.  The remaining half will be billed upon completion.  If we need to bill out per project portion (cover design and then interior), I am fine with that.

How do I feel about delivering my original design files?

Delivery of your original design files is a part of each product. It’s important that you have them.

Do I do editing?

I do not edit, and I require that your work comes to me already edited and ready to go. Once I start work on the book, no major edits from an outside source are accepted without charge.  So if your document needs editing, make sure that part is done first before I start the interior layout and design.

What types of books do I do?

I have designed cookbooks, children’s books, fiction book, non-fiction, journals, planners, curriculum and devotionals. As of August 2017, I am no longer accepting custom layout work, such as cookbooks and children’s books.

What are my bad points?

Besides that pesky human part of me, like most of my clients, I am also a Christian WAHM.  We are also a homeschooling family and my husband pastors a local church.  Any successful person will tell you that you must keep a schedule. Therefore, I do not make myself available 24 hours a day, and I do not work on the weekends unless that was agreed upon up front in the project scope.

Do I use stock photography?

Yes, but not exclusively.  I do actually design and digitally compose a lot of the artwork that goes into your designs.

What fonts do I use?

As a professional designer, I invest in new font families on a regular basis.  This ensures that you are getting quality fonts that are available for commercial-use.  If you want use of the font for your own corresponding design projects, you will have to buy the font yourself.  As part of the project close-out, font names and color codes are released to you in a project recap email/document.

You have a blog series that you want to make into a book. Can I do that?

Yes.  There is actually a plugin that you can install on your WordPress site that will allow you to export out the posts that you want into .doc files, I believe.  You can collect your data that way, tidy it up (editing, etc.), and then you are all set to send it to me.  The plugin is Aspose Doc Exporter.

How long is a good book?

Your book doesn’t have to be long to be good and in demand!

How much should you charge for your book?

I am not the right person to ask.  Amazon is a great place to research your field.

What should you do if you have printables or other dowloadable content that you want to include?

My personal suggestion is to compile your printables into a password-protected PDF.  The PDF will then need to be uploaded to your website.  You send me the link, and I will put the link in the book with the password.

What if you want me to design these additional printables?

Depending on the scope of the printable project (Is it a grocery shopping list?  Is it a simple table for other data input?  Or is it a design project all in its own right?), I will let you know what the additional creation fee will be.  If it’s just something like a simple table, I don’t charge extra to export that out as a separate PDF.  I try to be as generous as I can when it comes to billing.  We’re all in this together, right?