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From Word to Kindle

Provide me with your Microsoft Word file (or PDF, Pages, Google Doc, Open Office, etc.), and I return a Kindle file and an ePub file back to you.

I use the reflowable format, so your text will fit to the reader’s screen and can be controlled by their devices settings and is searchable. Fixed formats are reserved for image-based books, like children’s books and comics.

I do not just run your file through a converter.  Like your print book, the epub/mobi file is aslo built in Adobe InDesign, the industry-standard for book formatting.

Your final epub/mobi files will:

  • have active hyperlinks where you need them,
  • have an interactive table of contents,
  • retain formatting for all of your bold, italics, bullets, line numbering, and color, and
  • have high-resolution graphics (as long as you can provide me with high-resolution graphics for the file).

Take a few minutes to read up on the differences between a print version and a Kindle version.

If you are looking for someone to format your book's interior, design a full cover, create marketing materials, or if you just need a little hand-holding, contact me today for a consultation or a quote.

I also admin the fantastic Self Publishing Support Group on Facebook and am happy to answer your questions there for no charge, and the rest of the group is also super helpful, bringing an array of experience, knowledge, and wisdom to the table.