From Word to Kindle

Provide me with your Microsoft Word file (or PDF, Pages, Google Doc, Open Office, etc.), and I return a Kindle file and an ePub file back to you.

I use the reflowable format, so your text will fit to the reader’s screen and can be controlled by their devices settings and is searchable. Fixed formats are reserved for image-based books, like children’s books and comics.

I do not just run your file through a converter.  Like your print book, the epub/mobi file is aslo built in Adobe InDesign, the industry-standard for book formatting.

Your final epub/mobi files will:

  • have active hyperlinks where you need them,
  • have an interactive table of contents,
  • retain formatting for all of your bold, italics, bullets, line numbering, and color, and
  • have high-resolution graphics (as long as you can provide me with high-resolution graphics for the file).

Take a few minutes to read up on the differences between a print version and a Kindle version.