Kindle and ePub Conversion FAQs

Thank you for contacting me. Since immediate access to information can often be critical in business, you no longer have to wait on an email response from me to get the nitty-gritty 🙂 I will still contact you via email in response to your request and answer any additional questions you have, but this information will allow you to get started learning about the conversion process.


My base rate for a conversion is $150 (for both file types, total) for documents up to 25,000 words and 10 images. Text over 25,000 words is billed at $37.50 per 5,000 words. Each image over 10 is billed at $.50 per image.


I do not just run your file through a converter.  I rebuild the file in Adobe InDesign, the industry-standard for book formatting. Your final files will:
  • have active hyperlinks where you need them,
  • have an interactive table of contents,
  • retain formatting for all of your bold, italics, bullets, line numbering, and color, and
  • have high-resolution graphics (as long as you can provide me with high-resolution graphics for the file).

Not only will you be able to use your files in bundle programs, but you will also be able to upload your Kindle/ePub files to Amazon, IngramSpark, your own website, and other distribution channels, maximizing the return on your investment.

I use the reflowable format, so your text will fit to the reader’s screen and can be controlled by their devices settings and is searchable. Fixed formats are reserved for image-based books, like children’s books and comics. Review this article to familiarize yourself with the differences in print books vs Reflowable Kindle Format.

The turnaround time will be 2 – 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of your document.

I will send the file to you for review, make adjustments as needed, and when the file is 100% approved, I will email you the final files and also send the files directly to Mandi at Ultimate Bundles.

What I Need From You

Ideally, I need your original source files, such as a Word document, Google doc, Pages file, or InDesign Package. However, if you all you have is the PDF, then I can work from that, but heavily formatted PDFs can make for difficult text extractions, often requiring me to actually have to retype text and do some technical circus acts to ensure that your kindle/epub file is the best that it can be.

This will result in an additional fee, and I will discuss the final quote with you before starting any work.


I will invoice you via paypal when the conversion is complete.

Additional Info

Kindle/ePub conversions is my secondary service. My primary service is doing full book design (covers and interior for print, pdf, and kindle/epub) and helping authors learn how to professionally self-publish. If you don’t yet have your book in print and would like to pursue that option, let’s chat about that. Since my process includes rebuilding your file in InDesign, you’re already half-way there. The next steps would be choosing a book trim size, formatting the interior for print specs, and assembling a full cover.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to earn your business.

If you are looking for someone to format your book's interior, design a full cover, create marketing materials, or if you just need a little hand-holding, contact me today for a consultation or a quote.

I also admin the fantastic Self Publishing Support Group on Facebook and am happy to answer your questions there for no charge, and the rest of the group is also super helpful, bringing an array of experience, knowledge, and wisdom to the table.