I work one-on-one with each client to SIMPLIFY the self-publishing process.

Self-publishing doesn't mean having to do it all by yourself. I will take your basic document and develop it into a professionally styled book. This allows you to do what you do best, which is write. In turn, I get to do what I do best, which is design.

View my full portfolio, research my services and rates, and contact me if you'd like to get started.

Are you looking for a multifaceted self-pub support group where you can share your successes, learn from others' experiences, and get advice from professional editors, illustrators, book coaches, and layout designers? Then you have finally found that self-pub haven you have been looking for. Connect with the Self-Publishing Support Group today.

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Rebecca BellLibraries love donations

2 days ago   ·  4

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Erin McmillanThis is a referral link for a free webinar on how to do it this Thurs. The presenter is Amy Collins m164.isrefer.com/go/library/A11439/

1 day ago   ·  2

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Rebecca BellNone of the libraries I've known pay for books

24 hours ago   ·  1

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Patricia HovingI've heard that most libraries order there books from a catalog and you have to get your book in the catalog. I would start by going to my local library and finding out the name of the catalog.

23 hours ago

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