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Indesign CC
New document page setup for Ebooks.
What (mm) size do I need to change in the pop up window.
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Bj EylandWell I use iDesign for newsletters, brochures etc. I use Dreamweaver & CSS (ie xhtml directly) for eBooks. As the doc (whether it is created in inDesign or word) is converted into html or xhtml - there is no line length. It will wrap to fit the kindle depending on your font size in your CSS. So simply it does not matter (I believe) what your page set up size is. Please correct me if I am wrong. Good luck with the book.

4 days ago   ·  1

Søren Borck LarsenThanks Bj I just have the problem when creating a document page, I get a pop up, where I need to input all the page setup else I get a standard Indesign CC format page. So what to do if I need all the difference sizes for Eboook, Brochure, papirback, they are all in different formats. That needs to be setup correct in Indesign CC

3 days ago   ·  1

Bj EylandHi Soren, I had another look at this. I have inDesign CS5, (old version) but I just choose - from the menu - file/ new/ book. The document setup - use "Web". (it uses defaul setups, such as pixels, RGB colours ) Hope this link helps you. indesignsecrets.com/how-to-convert-from-print-to-web-intent-in-indesign-cs5.php good luck with the book. As I say - I convert it all into xhtml &CSS via Dreamweaver (i find this easier)

13 hours ago   ·  1

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